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Hoof Care For Cows

Hoof Care For Cows

Hoof care for cows is necessary for the health and well-being of cattle. Periodic hoof trimming and footbaths may help avoid lameness issues, which could lead to reduced milk supply and potentially early culling.

The recommended range to trim cows’ hooves is every six months, depending upon the specific cow and its surroundings. Hooves should be trimmed while they are dry so that the trimmer can have a solid hold on the hoof and prevent sliding. Good hoof care for cows is vital so that the cows remain active and productive.

Cows must be held in a chute during the process of trimming. The trimmer then cleanses the hooves using a wire brush to eliminate dirt and grime. The trimmer then trims the cow’s hooves using a hoof knife, making sure not to cut too profoundly into the delicate tissue.

The cattle must undergo a regular examination to keep check of any lameness symptoms and hoof problems to get the right treatment to minimise any future complications. Regular hoof care for cows may help keep cows healthy and active for many years.

At Victorian Hoofcare Services, we offer regular hoof care to cattle or individual cows using the state of art WOPA equipment. Also, we offer chutes, hoof knives and other tools to facilitate better hoof care. You can contact us or check our website to get more information. If you are not sure how exactly it is done, our expert team will help you with all your questions. Our team members have a strong and long experience to assist you with your hoof care for cow queries and satisfy you with the correct answers. Get in touch with the team today to know more about hoof care for cows.

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