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Cattle Hoof Trimming Services

Cattle Hoof Trimming Services

Searching for cattle hoof trimming services? Victorian Hoofcare Services provide the most professional hoof trimming and hoof care services for dairy farms.

Our cattle hoof trimming services include a range of in hoof trimming and hoof care services, with a highly trained crew capable of securely trimming between 230 and 350 cows every day in a stress-free and pleasant manner for your animals.

Our highly trained hoof trimmers are also acknowledged for their ability to provide safe, holistic hoof care and treatment of lameness and hoof disease that you can trust.

If you own cattle, take advantage of our complete hoof clipping service to keep your cows healthy and happy. We can trim your cattle’s hooves swiftly, safely, and efficiently utilising our state-of-the-art Wopa equipment as specialists in hoofcare.

Why not give us a call now if you require a highly qualified team to take care of cattle hoof trimming services with a proven track record in the treatment of lame cows?

While we are pleased to assist you anytime you need us, many of our regular clients prefer frequent maintenance checks to avoid minor hoof issues from becoming serious. So, you can let us know about your requirements, and we will assist you with the best possible solutions for each of your needs for cattle hoof trimming services.

At Victorian Hoofcare Services, we are committed to surpassing our clients’ expectations and making sure that all of their needs are addressed. We are always incorporating client feedback into the development of improved hoof trimming tools and instruments. Get more details about cattle hoof trimming services from our customer service team. If you have any doubts, you can get in touch with us and let us know. We are sure to solve all your queries.

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