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WOPA Foot Trimming Crushes

WOPA Foot Trimming Crushes

When you hear the phrase: “WOPA foot trimming crushes” only one company should spring to mind. Victorian Hoofcare Services. WOPA is an industry leading company that is globally recognized for their immaculate crushes and hoof repairing machinery. Here at VHS we are proud to utilise this state of the art equipment and have educated many farmers and individuals throughout our courses and training on how to use them effectively. WOPA foot trimming crushes are new technologically adept machines that comfort the animal as well as provide the necessary area for the specialist to perform the trimming procedure. Excellence is found in the machines!

Our Vision

We endeavour to keep upgrading our knowledge and ensuring that we provide farmers with our insight and WOPA machinery to ensure that you are working and performing bull hoof trimming at the best quality possible. Our team here at Victorian Hoofcare Services is devoted in educating as many individuals and farmers as possible and spread the insight and awareness of hoof problems that many animals face, daily. WOPA foot trimming crushes are the utmost reliable and industry recognized machines and we surely endeavour to keep utilising them.

Our Reputation

We are and accredited hoof trimming practice and our specialist foot trimmers are professionally trained, highly experienced in identifying and diagnosing problems and will be equipped with the most effective tools to efficiently inspect and treat large numbers of cows or bulls. We are equipped with the utmost, industry leading WOPA foot trimming crushes that ensure accuracy, precision and efficiency in our bull hoof trimming services.

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