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WG2064 Wopa Aluminium Disc

WG2064 Wopa Aluminium Disc


Your durable and affordable entry point for safer, faster hoof care.


The WG20644 Wopa Disc is a 6 knife professional aluminium disc made for high-demanding tasks related to hoof trimming and cleaning. This hardened aluminium abrasive disc turns into a durable tool that used by an experienced hoof trimmer provides a clean and efficient cut without any hassle. This is one of the best options on the market for a reliable, high-performance disc with replaceable knives. It is not an option for entry-level hoof trimmers and requires a high level of experience to be controlled properly.


Height: 25mm Dia: 115mm.


Made with hardened aluminium with a highly advanced designed to operate efficiently no matter the thickness of the cows’ hooves. The 5 replaceable knives it comes with make this tool an excellent option for trimmers that want to integrate other types of blades or prefer using new knives once the original ones are no longer sharpened.


**This grinder disc requires a 125mm grinder**
This disc is considered a very demanding tool that requires a high level of experience to be handled properly. As it is a quickly and powerful tool, its handling requires someone who understands the cow hooves’ anatomy in order to prevent harming the animal.

Additional Information

Due to the power required by this disc, an angle grinder of 1000w is the minimum required.

Angle grinder disc for the professional hoof trimmer. This disc removes a lot of hoof and is only to be operated by experienced users. It uses 1 set of 2 alternating blades.

Note: Requires Grinder Power 1200W

only for professional users. And can harm the animal if used incorrectly.

$520.00 GST Freight

The angle grinder discs above require a 115mm to 125mm grinder

Additional information

Weight 0.920 kg
Dimensions 330 × 300 × 85 mm


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