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WG1100 Hoof Cutter

WG1100 Hoof Cutter


These cutters, contrary to all other pliers on the market, do not have any stops so that the ends do not touch each other. This is because the ends slide over each other just like scissors; therefore they do not become blunt from touching. This also ensures that all the material is cut off.

Your durable and affordable entry point for safer, faster hoof care.



Func. & animal welfare

The WG1100 Wopa Hoof Cutters are one of the best tools in the market for hooves clipping, nipping and cutting. These accessible hoof cutters are reliable tools made using excellent materials in terms of quality and ensuring hooves can be kept in optimal conditions. These WG1100 Wopa Hoof Cutters are designed with edges that will not blunt when closed due to the finesse and advance of the sharpening processes.


These WG1100 Wopa Hoof Cutters are manufactured using exceptional high quality steel that is second to none in terms of quality. The design of these WG1100 Wopa Hoof Cutters is the result of thorough research of hoof trimmers’ needs.


Like other hoof cutters, this is an accessible tool that is easy to use and can consistently cover the needs of entry-level cattle keepers to the most experienced hoof trimmers.

Additional information

Weight 1.400 kg
Dimensions 420 × 100 × 35 mm


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