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Hauptner Hoof knives

Hauptner Hoof knives

Hauptner hoof knives stand out as the best knives made for hoof care and cleaning. The long narrow blade improves control making handling much easier for professional users to complete any cleaning task without much hassle. Hauptner hoof knives are the option preferred by those users that require a specific tool to complete tasks with fine attention to detail, preventing damage in cattle due to a small blade tip that enables first-class natural trimming. This is a hoof knife that offers value especially due to the quality of cobalt steel which makes the blade very sharp.


Hauptner hoof knives’ narrow blades are 65mm long and 8mm wide.


Hautpner knives are made with high resistant carbon and ebony wood is used for the handles, making it water-resistant. Using Hauptner hoof knives guarantees an optimum grip and completing excellent trims without too much effort. Veterinarians recommend it. This is a high-quality German tool sharpened and polished to pure perfection and those are the reasons why they have earned their reputation as the best hoof knives in the market at global scale.


When compared to other hoof knives, Hauptner knives come with longer handles for greater control and the blades used can be upgraded with longer razors, although these upgrades are sold individually.

Additional Information

All Hauptner hoof knives here at Victorian Hoof Care Services are sold pre-sharpened, completely ready to be used right away.

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