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Bench Grinder

Bench Grinder for Sharpening Hoof Knives, an affordable grinder allowing you to sharpen hoof knives like a professional


This is a top-quality bench grinder for sharpening hoof knives available at an affordable price to keep hoof knives working efficiently for an extended time. If you want to extend your hoof knives’ working life and ensure they keep trimming cattle’s hooves properly with a clean cut and not having to make any abrupt manoeuvre that may result in harming the animal or the user, this is the best option. Get the best edge on your hoof knives and have piece of mind knowing the cow hooves’ trimming process will be completed efficiently.


This bench grinder for sharpening hoof knives comes in a kit with 2 spare sand paper bands that allow proper edging of the blades, a buffing wheel that will help the user remove any burrs from the blades edge and polished, buffing paste and safety goggles which are mandatory when using the grinder.


This bench grinder for sharpening hoof knives has a simple design with the sole purpose of being used by both types of trimmers, entry-levels and veterans with more experienced in the field. They will both be able to get considerably good results from this sharpening tool. This grinder should be secured to a bench with a wall or partition behind it.

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