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Aesculap Hoof Knives

Aesculap hoof knives

Aesculap hoof knives are the best stainless-steel hoof knives for cattle hoof trimming and cleaning. Renowned for their superior quality and remarkable hard-wearing design, these knives are always an excellent option. Aesculap hoof knives are made in Germany, attached to the most demanding standards of veterinary instruments manufacturing. Aesculap hoof knives are reliable knives that will last long and resist any activities related to cattle hoof care.


20 cm double-edged blade length in narrow, medium and wide designs.


The quality of the stainless steel used to manufacture these hoof knives make them reliable and long-lasting, with sharp blades that hold their sharpness well. Rust is not an issue for Aesculap hoof knives due to the quality of the stainless steel used, ensuring they will not rust over time. These premium hoof knives are made using break-proof materials to endure the most demanding hoof trimming and cleaning situations, helping users complete their tasks efficiently and preventing any damage to the hooves.


These hoof knives stand out from others by offering sharpened blades with a long life along with cushy and ergonomic wooden handles made under professional users’ requirements.

Additional Information

To ensure users’ superior comfort and satisfaction our Aesculap hoof knives are sold pre-sharpened, ready to be used for professional hoof trimming that keeps your cattle’s hooves healthy. Experts recommend Aesculap products since the German company has offered excellent quality products that remain unmatched in the market.

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