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Wooden Hoof Blocks

VHS110 & 130 Wooden Hoof Blocks
Func. & animal welfare

The VHS110 & 130 wooden hoof blocks are symmetrical blocks that contribute to the healing and recovery of the part being corrected after podal disorders have been pointed. These wooden blocks are an excellent option to reduce the pain and stress felt by the cow after a pathological process shows up as a sign of something going wrong. This is an excellent option to relieve cows’ pain and it will slowly wear away over a 7 – 21 day period depending on daily walking distance.


Made from slow growth Northern hemisphere beech lumber that works according to the cows’ needs. This is a completely bio-degradable product that will wear away in a maximum of 3 weeks.


Locating the VHS110 & 130 wooden hoof blocks on the cow’s hooves’ down surface is a simple task that can be completed using any pyurethane adhesives available in the market. The thickness of the adhesive poured onto the surface in contact with the hoof will remain uniform regardless of the cows’ movements.

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