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Hoof Trimming Training

Hoof Trimming Training

Accredited hoof trimming professionals will guide you through the procedures, methodologies and adaptations of hoof trimming. With industry leading expertise and apparatus, VHS is here and offers contemporary hoof trimming training courses for all individuals interested in efficient hoof trimming. As experts in Hoofcare, we will elaborate on a plethora of features that can quickly, safely and efficiently trim the hooves of your cattle using our state of the art purpose built WOPA equipment. We will train and educate you in our innovative hoof trimming training courses.

Why you should choose VHS as your leading hoof trimmers suppliers:

  • Impeccable materials and leading industry techniques.
  • State of the art WOPA machinery.
  • Efficient training and education sessions for all individuals.
  • Accuracy and dedication towards our hoofing services.
  • Care and commitment for all clients.
  • Report generation for the health and well-being of cattle.
  • Assess and address any degree of hoof damage.
  • Explain and enlighten clients on maintenance procedures.
  • Low pricing and equitable hoof trimmers packages.
  • Prompt arrival with any hoof service.
  • Informative hoof trimming training courses.

Reliability, accredited and devotion are the key features that have elevated Victorian Hoofcare Service’s reputation and have solidified us as one of the finest hoof trimming training services available in Australia! With a great deal of experience and dedicated staff members you will be an expert in no time. Contact us today for further information on our training program, in order for you to get a thorough run down.

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