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Hoof Trimming Disc Australia

Hoof Trimming Disc Australia

Starting out and trying to find the right tools is a pretty complicated and toilsome process. And, when you have a critical tool to search, such as the hoof trimming disc in Australia, it gets more difficult. Going through numerous guides and stores can leave you more confused than ever. Under such circumstances, professional help can be bliss. Victoria Hoofcare Services offers a wide variety of services, including hoof trimming and training.

In addition, we at Victorian Hoofcare Services also have an online store. The store has multiple tools that are essential for hoofing purposes. A wide range of premium-quality equipment, accessories and tools are critically designed to cater to all your hoofing related requirements. Our store has a great number of state of the art, excellent and quality range of Wopa hoof trimming crushers and tools.

When looking for hoof trimming disc in Australia, you must check out Wopa Angle Grinder Discs that are available in two categories – WG2064 and WG2230.

The WG2064 Angle Grinder hoof trimming disc in Australia is suitable for professional hoof trimmers. This disc can help you get rid of a large amount of hoof. Of 2 alternating blades, it uses 1 set. This requires a Grinder Power of 1200W. Be cautious while using as it can hurt the animal if not used in the proper manner.

Another WG2230 Angle Grinder hoof trimming disc in Australia is suitable for cattle owners who do not have much experience. This disc has drill holes that are helpful as the hoof is visible even when you are working. This requires a Grinder Power of 500W.

Victorian Hoofcare Services’ hoof trimming disc in Australia is one of the best products available on the market. It will empower you to securely and proficiently trim your cattle’s hooves in the right way. You can contact us for other hoofing related services too, as our leading hoof care professionals have years of experience.

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