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Victorian Hoofcare Services are agents for the Wopa range of crushes and equipment

Victorian Hoofcare Services are agents for high quality state of the art range of Wopa hoof trimming crushes, tools and equipment in Australia. Our trimming crushes and tools will enable you to safely and efficiently trim your cow’s hooves in the most professional manner.

We stock a wide range of equipment, tools and accessories to meet all your hoof trimming needs, so call us today on 0419 305 363 to find out more.

Cattle Crushes



Treat more cows with less effort using the fully hydraulic range. Get the professional edge!.

Price on Application



Heavy duty trailer unit offers road safe transport over distance. Go anywhere!.

From $12100 + Freight + GST



Your durable and affordable entry point for safer, faster hoof care.

From $8110.00 + Freight + GST

We stock and sell a comprehensive range of spare parts and optional extras

Angle Grinder Discs For Hoof Trimming



Angle grinder disc for the professional hoof trimmer. This disc removes a lot of hoof and is only to be operated by experienced users. It uses 1 set of 2 alternating blades.

Note: Requires Grinder Power 1200W

only for professional users. And can harm the animal if used incorrectly.

$520.00 + GST + Freight



Angle Grinder disc, this rasp can be used by less experienced cattle owners. The rasp has drill holes so that you can look at the hoof while you work.

Note: Requires Grinder Power 500W Minimum

$255.00 + GST + Freight

The angle grinder discs above require a 115mm to 125mm grinder

Hoof Knives, Hoof Cutters And Sharpening


WG0570 & WG0571

These Hauptner left & right knives that are made of very hard cobalt steel, are very sharp and will remain sharp for a long time.

$70.00 + GST + Freight



These cutters, contrary to all other pliers on the market, do not have any stops so that the ends do not touch each other. This is because the ends slide over each other just like scissors; therefore they do not become blunt from touching. This also ensures that all the material is cut off.

$205.00 + GST + Freight