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Dairy Cow Hoof Trimming Crush

Dairy Cow Hoof Trimming Crush

When you think of the utmost professional dairy cow hoof trimming crush you think of WOPA’s newly developed crushes. State of the art design and configuration have assisted Victorian Hoofcare Services to perform and excel in their Hoofcare services.

Hoof trimming should not be an alarming procedure. However, untreated hooves or even unchecked hooves are a sign of worry! Many farmers tend to postpone hoof trimming and maintenance; however, this procedure plays a pivotal role in the overall health and well-being of cows and bulls. Dairy cow hoof trimming is our specialty here at VHS as we have over 20 years of experience in perfecting our techniques, machinery and tools to ensure a smooth, effective and long lasting hoof trimming service. With our new and improved cow hoof trimming crush machinery provided from WOPA we surely take dairy cow hoof trimming to another level. When you are equipped with the best machinery, you administer the best results for all clients.

Our Expertise

Extensive experience is what sets Victoria Hoofcare Services apart from competition. We are devoted in providing our clients with dairy cow hoof trimming services that will suit their needs and ensure their cattle remains as healthy as possible. We liaise with industry leading companies that are situated in the UK and Scotland. This broadens our knowledge and establishes our expertise in cow hoof trimming crush machines.

Our Education

All our staff members are accredited professionals in the dairy cow hoof trimming sector and maintenance industry. We constantly strive to evolve and upgrade our techniques and machinery to ensure stability and accuracy for all our clients. That is the reason we utilise WOP cow hoof trimming crush machines to ensure our prosperity and propel our reputation. Our team here at Victoria Hoofcare Services is dedicated to client satisfaction and we establish this by guiding our clients and educating them on a variety of hoofing services we administer.

Our Guarantee

With exquisite, state of the art and high quality machinery we guarantee our services and ensure that your cattle will be safe, secure and pain free. It is vital you assess the hoof area of cattle as any imperfections will hinder their health and ability to perform their normal tasks. Here at Victoria Hoofcare Services we are devoted in assisting all clients in the utmost professional way possible and administering excellent hoof trimming chutes at equitable prices.

Ensure your cows and bulls are accurately inspected by our leading professionals that will assess and provide comprehensive analysis on the degree of severity. Dairy cow hoof trimming can only be accomplished with the use of immaculate machines that are both animal-friendly and human-friendly. Our contemporary cow hoof trimming crush is designed to provide the necessary support and assistance to the cows, whilst allowing our technicians to perform their magic!

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