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Throughout the southwest, the weather is damp in the fall and winter, and it stays that way for several months. The frequency of lameness in cows rises at this time. Hence, you might need cow hoof trimming in Australia from Victorian Hoofcare Services to ensure that your cow remains healthy and productive.

In general, defects with the foot cause lameness in cows. One can’t completely eradicate cow lameness yet can minimise the frequency and severity of episodes with careful, proactive treatment. Cattle may become lame due to foot disorders that lead to long-term alterations in the bones under the hoof and discomfort, resulting in a decrease in productivity. So, timely cow hoof trimming in Australia can help you ensure that your cattle remain healthy year-round.

Complete Cow Hoof Trimming in Australia

Victorian Hoofcare Services has professionally trained and experienced trimmers who can offer comprehensive cow hoof trimming in Australia to take care of your cow’s health and well being.

Your cows may become lame due to foot disorders that lead to long-term alterations in the bones under the hoof and discomfort. Further, this results in a decrease in productivity. We may also conduct hoof trimming to prevent your cow from becoming severely lame and identify lesions early. All our hoof trimming services are carried out with utmost care and attention so that your cows are comfortable throughout the process.

Our state of art hoof trimming equipment will trim the cow’s hoof effectively, efficiently, and quickly. Usually, we recommend trimming twice a year. However, viral conditions might increase the requirement for hoof trimming.

Consult a Professional for Proper Cow Hoof Trimming Techniques and Care

Further, a heel with a weakened structure will be far more prone to bacterial infection in hooves with enlarged toes. Maintaining correct techniques and care during trimming is just as crucial as sticking to planned checkups. There should be no room for bad trimming, which may lead to serious health problems.

So, if you are looking for the best cow hoof trimming in Australia, then contact Victorian Hoofcare Services.


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Hoof trimming and training, bull hoof trimming, hoof trimming chutes and selling exquisite WOPA foot trimming crush machinery is what we excel at. Victoria Hoofcare Services are the utmost professional and prompt hoof trimming service devoted to client satisfaction and appreciation. Our services could not have been A-grade without the aid and assistance of immaculate WOPA machinery that solidifies our excellence and work well with cattle and bull species to ensure an accurate service that is mutually beneficial for both the animals and our clients. 


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Hoof trimming is our passion and we have extensive experience in a plethora of situations and hoof trimming projects. We constantly research methodologies and machinery that will assist us in performing our hoof trimming tasks efficiently, promptly and with long lasting results. WOPA machinery has surely propelled our excellence and has enables us to evolve our services. By incorporating technology within the industry, VHS have excelled competition and have stabilised their reputation as the leading hoof care service in Victoria. 


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Low prices, equitable packages and immaculate service! That is what we pride our success on over the years and we constantly ensure fully client satisfaction. If you keep cattle, then take advantage of our comprehensive hoof trimming service to ensure the health and well being of your cows. With a package to suit your needs and budget Victoria Hoofcare Services will always amaze. Contact us today and speak to one of our experts for your own personalised quote on our hoof care services Victoria.
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