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Cattle Hoof Trimming Equipment

Cattle Hoof Trimming Equipment

Not only do we administer exceptional hoof trimming services throughout Victoria with a great deal of perfection, VHS also sells cattle hoof trimming equipment that have been globally recognized as “industry leading”. This equipment solidifies our reputation and established Victoria Hoofcare Services as the leading cattle and bull hoof trimming service.

Our WOPA series of equipment include the WOPA PRO, which incorporates the full hydraulic range as well as all the professional apparatus necessary for accurate and pixel perfect hoof trimming. The WOPA MOBILE, which is a heavy-duty trailer unit that offers road transport as well as a high level of hoof trimming capabilities and finally the WOPA STANDARD, which is your durable entry point for becoming an expert in barefoot hoof trimming and hoof care.

Our expertise does not just stop there. We administer leading WOPA foot trimming crushes, angle grinders and general apparatus for sharpening and cutting. All our grinder discs are geared for professionalism and durability. Even our hoof knives and cutters are made of very hard cobalt steel and contrary to all other cattle hoof trimming equipment on the market, display exceptional cutting properties.

Here at VHS we also administer exceptional training courses that will enable individuals to accurately utilise all these contemporary and state of the art machinery. We strive to ensure high-quality cattle hoof trimming equipment that will establish a fine and long lasting result. Low prices, equitable packages and immaculate service! That is what we pride our success on over the years and we constantly ensure fully client satisfaction. If you keep cattle, then take advantage of our comprehensive cattle hoof trimming equipment to ensure the health and wellbeing of your cows. With a package to suit your needs and budget Victoria Hoofcare Services will always amaze.

Feel free to contact us when convenient for you and liaise with our lead technicians to discuss our cattle hoof trimming equipment in depth.

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