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Victorian Hoofcare Services offers cattle hoof trimming courses. Farmers, farm personnel, and hoof care specialists in Australia may take professional training in the Dutch hoof trimming technique. Because of our extensive experience and knowledge, you will have thorough instruction in all hoof trimming elements, allowing you to do the task safely, swiftly, and to the best level. The Dutch technique of hoof trimming is usually regarded as the most effective. Farmers should trim their cattle’s feet regularly to avoid mobility concerns.

Enrol in Our Cattle Hoof Trimming Courses Today and Master Your Skills!

Our courses inform and guide the learners about every aspect of cattle hoof trimming. Most lameness disorders begin around, in, or between the claws. Farmers ought to be mindful that management factors often impact cattle lameness, and it would be advantageous if they could determine the cause of their cattle’s foot diseases. Housing, cleanliness, meadow management, and reproduction are essential factors regarding lameness. We would cover all the aspects and the steps to start with trimming through our cattle hoof trimming courses.

Farmers must understand that good preventative hoof care is essential to minimise the occurrence of lameness. Cows should be trimmed at different intervals depending on farm circumstances, but generally, trimming is essential once after 100-120 days. A smart trimming technique can help you save both time and money. Animals heal quicker and need less medication when they get adequate care. Other advantages include:

Fewer re-treatments
Improved performance of recuperating cows
An overall increase in animal welfare

Enhance Your Cattle Care with Our Professional Hoof Trimming Courses

Farmers eager to upskill their present hoof trimming or those who wish to pursue a profession in hoof trimming can take our cattle hoof trimming courses. All our courses are conducted in smaller groups to ensure that they can work closely with the professionals, learn the skills and tools necessary, and acquire hands-on practical trimming knowledge.

You can get in touch with us to learn more about the cattle hoof trimming courses.


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Hoof trimming and training, bull hoof trimming, hoof trimming chutes and selling exquisite WOPA foot trimming crush machinery is what we excel at. Victoria Hoofcare Services are the utmost professional and prompt hoof trimming service devoted to client satisfaction and appreciation. Our services could not have been A-grade without the aid and assistance of immaculate WOPA machinery that solidifies our excellence and work well with cattle and bull species to ensure an accurate service that is mutually beneficial for both the animals and our clients. 


Our Dedication

Hoof trimming is our passion and we have extensive experience in a plethora of situations and hoof trimming projects. We constantly research methodologies and machinery that will assist us in performing our hoof trimming tasks efficiently, promptly and with long lasting results. WOPA machinery has surely propelled our excellence and has enables us to evolve our services. By incorporating technology within the industry, VHS have excelled competition and have stabilised their reputation as the leading hoof care service in Victoria. 


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Low prices, equitable packages and immaculate service! That is what we pride our success on over the years and we constantly ensure fully client satisfaction. If you keep cattle, then take advantage of our comprehensive hoof trimming service to ensure the health and well being of your cows. With a package to suit your needs and budget Victoria Hoofcare Services will always amaze. Contact us today and speak to one of our experts for your own personalised quote on our hoof care services Victoria.
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