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Cattle Foot Trimming

Cattle Foot Trimming

Victorian Hoofcare Services builds on many years of collaboration with industry leading professionals in the UK and have diversified their techniques and machinery to ensure the utmost finest cattle foot trimming results in Australia. Routine foot trimming has become a pivotal tool for dairy farmers in controlling mobility problems in the herd. That is why VHS is devoted in administering state of the art knowledge, support and guidance for all farmers and individuals that possess a farm with cattle or bull. Health is the utmost vital factor in ensuring the progress of your farm. Without the right support and information hoof problems will limit the functionality of your animals, rendering them unable to perform daily tasks.

Every animal in the herd should have its feet lifted, inspected and if required trimmed at least once every year, ideally at drying-off. If practicable, a further inspection mid-lactation may also be useful in spotting potential problems, if this is not likely to coincide with either turnout or housing. Our cattle foot trimming services here at VHS will provide you with insight on the degree of damage and educate you on prevention and maintenance. We also run comprehensive courses that will train you on utilising our machinery to administer cattle foot trimming techniques.

Accurate diagnosis is key to any successful cattle foot trimming procedure as healthy hoof’s do not need to be trimmed. Extensive experience is what sets Victoria Hoofcare Services apart from competition. We are devoted in providing our clients with cattle foot trimming services that will suit their needs and ensure their knowledge of maintaining healthy cattle is at prominent level. Please feel free to contact us and speak to our leading technicians for more information regarding our services.

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