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Bull Hoof Trimming

Bull Hoof Trimming

Our primary goal with our extensive bull hoof trimming services is to return the hooves to the ideal shape and size so that they provide balance and are capable of supporting the bulls weight. With the use of WOPA equipment we are geared for success and accurate results.

Our Devotion

Here at Victorian Hoofcare Service we have over 20 years of hands-on experience in a plethora of situations that regard cattle and bull hoof trimming tasks. We ensure that we tackle each task with a great deal of preparation and assess the degree of damage. We collaborate with our clients and educate them in how to prevent repetitive hoof damage occurrences that are debilitating for bulls and cattle. Our commitment to the cause and drive for success and efficient work is what stabilises our reputation and reassures our clients that we will perform our bull hoof trimming services at an elevated level.

Our Vision

We endeavour to keep upgrading our knowledge and ensuring that we provide farmers with our insight and WOPA machinery to ensure that you are working and performing bull hoof trimming at the best quality possible. Our team here at Victorian Hoofcare Services is devoted in educating as many individuals and farmers as possible and spread the insight and awareness of hoof problems that many animals face, daily.

Our Reputation

We are and accredited hoof trimming practice and our specialist foot trimmers are professionally trained, highly experienced in identifying and diagnosing problems and will be equipped with the most effective tools to efficiently inspect and treat large numbers of cows or bulls. We are equipped with the utmost, industry leading WOPA foot trimming crushes that ensure accuracy, precision and efficiency in our bull hoof trimming services.

For more information, browse our website and get a feel for our services and machinery. Do not hesitate to contact us and speak with our team to get a better insight on our services and bull hoof trimming apparatus.

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